Water Pollution

By Lindsay                                   May 11, 2011

     Environmental Essay: Water Pollution

    We need this to live. We drink and bathe in it. About 60% of the human body is made up of this, and 2/3 of the earth is made up of it. It gets more and more polluted each day taking over 15 million lives each year. This thing that we depend on for life is water. So much water has become polluted that over 500 million people lack access to clean, healthy water.

Water Pollution by Lindsay.

Water is not just something we see and use everyday; we need it to sustain life. Unfortunately, our water contains almost 200 life-threatening chemicals. There are laws against dumping sewage and chemicals into water but sadly, it still happens. When chemicals get dumped into rivers they can seep into the soil and remain there for years. Acid rain from factories giving off smoke that contains chemicals is another big cause of water pollution. Polluted water doesn't always look dirty. It can look clear because the acid rain killed all the fish that used to live there. Oil spills, like the recent one in the Gulf of Mexico, can spread for miles contaminating vast amounts of water and killing thousands of animals. There are so many causes of water pollution that 40% of rivers and 46% of lakes are too polluted for aquatic life. Also, over 25% of beaches in the U.S. close each year because the water is too polluted. The water in your area really says a lot about how careless people can be.
    My opinion of water pollution is that we need to put a stop it as soon as possible. So much water is being polluted each day that even though there are ways to clean polluted water it takes an immense amount of energy that we could be saving, to clean it all. When water gets polluted it has to go through a several step process till it becomes clean again. I understand that we don’t have complete control over everything that pollutes our water but we should try our best to stop anything that IS in our control. Other arguments are that it would cost too much money to purify all the contaminated water but actually in long run it would save us money. We already spend a ton of money on cleaning the polluted water and then we just continue to pollute it over and over again. If we stopped polluting the water as much as we can then we will be able to clean the polluted water once and then in a few years we will only have to clean the water that got polluted by reasons we can’t control. With a little effort we can change a lot about our water.
    Water pollution is a big issue that with a few little changes we can make a huge difference. Simple things like properly disposing of electronics, paint and there cans, oil, pharmacy drugs and cleaning products really pay off in the end. Also, people need to check their cars frequently to assure there are no leaks that when the oil absorbs into the soil it won’t pollute the groundwater. Pollution can be visible like paper and fast food wrappers or it can be hidden like acid rain or cleaning products. Because of this we need to test our water before we drink, bathe, or swim in it. Hopefully in a few years we won’t have to be so cautious and not have to worry about what water we drink. Small actions can make the biggest difference in an issue like water pollution.
    Water pollution is a very serious environmental issue. Half a billion people in the world don’t have access to clean water. Of those people 15 million of them die from diseases caused by water pollution.
Water pollution is caused by so many things that are thrown outside simply because of humans being careless or lazy. Next time you have a burger or fries at a fast food restaurant don’t just throw the wrapper out of the window, take the time to walk a couple extra feet to a trash can.